Friday, 5 April 2013

The Role of the Male According to Midwest Fertility Center

Recent research has shown that the male has significant work to do as it pertains to his own fertility. Those at Midwest Fertility Center stress the importance of the male’s diet and exercise during the process of trying to conceive. The experts at Midwest Fertility Center cite the findings of a recent Brazilian study that states that a male who is careless when it comes to the foods he eats will likely lower his chances of successful conception by 60%. 

Midwest Fertility Center and others have made it clear that fertility will not come by the woman’s efforts alone. The male is just as responsible in the process, and his full attention and participation is required, insists the experts at Midwest Fertility Center.
This attention includes avoiding smoking, as it has been proven that smokers are subject to a variety of devastating health effects, including a lower sperm count. Cigarette smoke and the toxic elements therein can be detrimental to the fertilization process, warns Midwest Fertility Center. 

Midwest Fertility Center is also advocating the findings of Argentine scientists who have proven that the heat and Wi-Fi connection of a laptop can kill sperm if placed on the lap of a male for any extended period of time. Midwest Fertility Center warns against this electric energy in cell phones as well as other electronic devices. When it comes to reproductive organs, those at Midwest Fertility Center know that one cannot be too careful 

Therefore, Midwest Fertility Center strongly encourages healthy eating habits, avoiding smoking, and staying away from electronic products that emit radiation that can be potentially harmful to the reproductive organs. Midwest Fertility Center anticipates that more will be discovered in the near future that pertains to the integral role that the behavior of the male partner plays in the fertility process.

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