Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Midwest Fertility Center Promotes Ways of Increasing Fertility

The work performed by Midwest Fertility Center involves years of training and a skill unlike that found anywhere else. But a point often driven home by Dr. Madanes and his team of professionals at Midwest Fertility Center is that they cannot do all the work. There is always a level of cooperation required of the patient in order to increase the chances of success. With the recent discoveries of the effect of the male’s diet on the fertilization chances, we are now seeing that everybody has a role to play. Midwest Fertility Center believes that diet and exercise are the two most effective ways of increasing one’s chance of achieving pregnancy. 

The consumption of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids are considered essential parts of the fertility promoting lifestyle. Fish oil brings a balance to the emotional state of the woman trying to conceive. Dr. Madanes of Midwest Fertility Center has noted a definite advantage in those patients who consume omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming fish oil can also help male fertility issues. It contributes to a lowering of cholesterol. Those at Midwest Fertility Center know that many male fertility issues are caused by high cholesterol. 

Exercise in any form can increase one’s chances of pregnancy. This has been proven through the fertility yoga trend, an exercise that has been promoted by Midwest Fertility Center. Also, recent studies have shown that male’s exercise habits have a great effect on his fertility. Studies that have been promoted by Midwest Fertility Center have shown that a male who is conscious of diet and exercise is likely to increase the chances of conceiving with his partner by as much as 60%. Midwest Fertility Center stresses the great attention that needs to be paid to the avoidance of alcohol and cigarette smoke by both the male and female seeking fertility.

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