Monday, 17 June 2013

Five Assisted Reproductive Treatments at Midwest Fertility Center

Infertility is difficult for some couples to deal with emotionally but possible to overcome through treatment. The fertility specialists at Midwest Fertility Center help patients understand that infertility is a medical condition just as any other medical condition is and there are treatments available to create a solution. At Midwest Fertility Center, there are five forms of assisted reproduction treatments performed by doctors in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana locations. 

The five assisted reproductive treatments provided by Midwest Fertility Center include: in vitro fertilization, gamete intra fallopian transfer, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and blastocyst transfer. Among all five, it is in vitro fertilization that is the most common assisted reproductive technique. This is the technique were eggs are taken and fertilized outside the womb and after the eggs have developed enough, placed into the womb. 

Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer or GIFT is when a doctor uses a surgical process called laparoscopy to retrieve eggs using a small camera to examine the uterus and ovaries. Midwest Fertility Center's doctors take the eggs and after fertilizing them, transfer them into the fallopian tube. 

ICSI or intra cytosplasmic sperm injection is also performed at Midwest Fertility Center. This procedure is accomplished when a single sperm is injected directly into an egg. Doctors at Midwest Fertility Center perform assisted hatching by creating a hole in the surface of the egg.
The last procedure performed at Midwest Fertility Center is blastocyst transfer where an embryo is transferred to the womb five days instead of the traditional three. There are advantages and disadvantages to this procedure. Midwest Fertility Center uses this method to reduce multiple embryos but the risk is that embryos may also stop developing. 

Each couple that comes to Midwest Fertility Center will sit down with a fertility specialist. Discussion will determine the want and needs of each couple. Midwest Fertility Center's goal is to help couples conceive stress free and at low risk.

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