Monday, 22 April 2013

Midwest Fertility Center: Fertility Yoga

Dr. Madanes and his knowledgeable team at Midwest Fertility Center stress the vitality of a relaxed state of mind when trying to conceive. In the case of an infertile couple, Midwest Fertility Center strives to create a stress-free environment, as they know that this is essential for success. Stress and depression can even harm your chances of success during IVF treatments.  For both the man and woman involved in the process of fertilization, the staff at Midwest Fertility Center encourages participation in fertility yoga classes. 

These classes are much like a normal yoga class, replacing the traditional positions with ones designed to increase one’s mental, physical, and spiritual cooperation with the natural process that comes with getting pregnant. Midwest Fertility Center promotes these positions as ways to increase your chances of conceiving while helping your body through the IVF treatments. Such positions include the cobra, lotus, bound angle pose, legs up the wall, and supported bridge.
The positions have been proven to promote activity in the body that is more beneficial to pregnancy. The cobra pose, for example, sends blood straight to the ovaries and uterus, increasing efficiency in the function of these organs. The bound angle pose rushes blood to the pelvic area, increasing flexibility in the thighs and hips. The lotus pose involves visualization, and is a great method of bringing one’s mind into focus. 

The fertility yoga movement came soon after assisted reproduction gained momentum. Many would be surprised at how many endocrinologists promote fertility yoga as a vital part of the fertilization process. Midwest Fertility Center is at the top of the list of advocates for holistic exercise. Midwest Fertility Center is aware of the importance of the mental, physical, and spiritual state of the patient. The team at Midwest Fertility Center believes fertility yoga is a great way of bringing all of these elements into alignment.

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